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The perfect place in Dubai to experience Afghani & Shinwari Cuisine

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At Wakha, we want you to admire and feel the warmth of the authentic Shinwari and Afghan cuisines. The staff and management make it their priority to ensure that customers receive excellent service and are served with meals of the highest quality in presentation, refinement, and taste.

Always Delicious

Afghani and Shinwari Cuisine


Wakha is the absolutely one of a kind restaurant where you choose your cut and we prepare your meat the way you like it.Shinwari cuisine is renowned for customized butchering and cooking.

It’s like the old fashioned butcher rooted in traditions that run deep, where specialist block man cut and chef prepare your meat.

Take away or eat in, a selection of great Shinwari and Afghan food awaits you.

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Customizable Food
Customizable food typically refers to the ability for customers to customize their meal orders according to their preferences. In the context of cut chicken meat, please feel free to request the chicken be prepared and cut in a specific way based on your preferences. For example, if you want your chicken to be sliced, diced, or cubed to a particular size, you can ask for it to be prepared that way when ordering your food at a restaurant or purchasing it from a butcher or grocery store. This customization allows you to tailor your meal to your liking and dietary requirements.
High-Quality Food
Offering delicious, well-prepared dishes using fresh ingredients is essential for customer satisfaction and repeat visits.High-quality food typically implies that the ingredients are fresh, well-prepared, and meet certain standards in terms of taste, presentation, and nutritional value. Wakha is best example of that.
Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere
A warm and welcoming atmosphere in a restaurant is a crucial element in providing a positive dining experience for customers. Wakha always Greeting guests with a friendly smile and making them feel welcome sets the tone for a pleasant dining experience.
Why chooise
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100% fresh

Our goal is to server you with the healthiest, freshest and the most authentic shinwari and afghan cuisine in town without using any processed spices and oil, we only use natural green spices, black paper, salt and lamb fat or fresh butter


Going the extra mile to remember regular customers’ preferences or celebrating special occasions can make guests feel valued and appreciated.


 A well-trained and attentive staff that pays attention to customers’ needs, offers recommendations, and answers questions can enhance the overall dining experience.

Efficient Service

Timely delivery of food and beverages is crucial to avoid long waiting times and show that the restaurant values its customers’ time.

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